How it works

TCF is a registered charity, acting as an administration umbrella for clients to hold their own personal charitable funds. The client’s Donor Advised Fund is effectively their own charitable trust, but without the burden of administration or level of costs associated with having a stand-alone charity.

Having your own DAF separates the securing of tax relief from the moment of philanthropy. The tax relief is secured at the point of funding the DAF. Making donations can occur any time thereafter, i.e. funds can be distributed within the timeframe of the client’s choosing. The TCF DAF allows clients to make donations to any registered UK Charity either anonymously or publicly from their named Foundation.

The client’s Foundation can be a vehicle for their family’s philanthropy with the ability for this to be passed on outside of inheritance tax assessment to a named successor.


TCF – Using financial planning to enhance philanthropic impact

Unlike other DAFs, a distinguishing feature of the TCF is that the individual account holder can continue to grow their assets tax efficiently, as long as they comply with HMRC guidance, and have them still managed by their trusted financial planner rather than by a third party. Additionally, a DAF can have a wide range of assets donated into it, not only cash.


Corporate DAFs

The benefit of having a Corporate DAF, similar to individual/joint/family DAFs saves on the cost of setting up their own charity and finding trustees and saves on the ongoing governance time and costs of complying with charity regulation and HMRC.

Additionally, the corporate name can be used as the Charity Foundation name and donations can carry the name of the foundation and be used in reports and company websites.

Additional philanthropic and due diligence services may also be provided.


What does it cost my client?

The TCF DAF is a very cost-effective way for an individual to have effectively their own charitable trust without the expense of setting up their own charity and ongoing regulatory costs. The fees charged by TCF are competitive as TCF does not have some of the overhead costs compared to other DAFs. Via TCF you will be working with and advising your client, not delegating to a third party.

Fee Rate
Balances up to £500,000 0.70% per annum
Balances up to £800,000 0.60% per annum
Balances up to £1,500,000 0.45% per annum
Balances up to £3,000,000 0.30% per annum
Balances over £3,000,001 0.20% per annum


Making grants to charities

Once a TCF account is open a client can immediately make donations to charities. This works by advising the TCF administrator of the amount they wish to give, and whether the donation is in the client’s Foundation name or anonymous. Once the TCF staff have undertaken the due diligence that the charity is registered with one of the UK Charity Commissions and there are no adverse issues then the payment will be made to the charity.

Donors contribute

We help you contribute personal assets, including cash and stocks.

Assets grow

Your contribution is placed into the donor fund where it can be invested and grow tax-free.

Charities benefit

By receiving income to undertake their valuable work.

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