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How does my client request to make a grant?

When the Donor is ready to make a grant, how do they do this?

  • The Donor is to contact their Financial Adviser who will inform the TCF Administrator via email that their client wishes to make a grant from their Charity foundation within the email the following information needs to be provided.
    • Name of Charity
    • Registered Charity number
    • Amount
    • Any conditions attaching to the grant?
      • This means if a donor wanted to make a grant to a Charity and wanted the grant used in a certain way within the Charity. For example, a donation made to the Cats Protection and the condition is for the grant to be used for a certain centre/branch to buy food or beds.
    • Does the Donor wish to remain anonymous?
    • Does the Donor wish for their email address and/or phone number to be passed onto the Charity?
  • TCF will check the charity details on the Charity Commission website and contact the charity to inform them of the grant and obtain bank details. If the Donor consents to their email address and/or phone number to be given to the Charity these details will be passed on.
  • The request will be sent to the TCF Trustees to sign off. Once that has been approved, TCF will request the withdrawal from the DAF to the TCF bank account.
  • When funds are received, TCF will pay the grant to the Charity and inform the Donor via email copying in the adviser that their grant has been paid to the charity.
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