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Together Charitable Foundation has been established to promote efficient, economic and effective philanthropy.

The Charity is a donor advised fund (or DAF) which allows the clients of financial planning firms to make charitable contributions. Donors can contribute to the fund as frequently as they like, hold assets and then recommend grants in their own time to their favourite charities.

Donors contribute

We help you contribute personal assets, including cash and stocks.

Assets grow

Your contribution is placed into the donor fund where it can be invested and grow tax-free.

Charities benefit

By receiving income to undertake their valuable work.

Why use a DAF?

Clients will have causes and charities that they believe in, and want to help with a charitable donation. Most will consider bequeathing their donation. But how can they be confident that their money will be used for maximum impact?

We would say – why wait to bequeath, when one can make charitable gifts during one’s life? There’s an old saying that it is better to give with a warm hand.

Why choose us?

Educating and empowering the Financial Planning community. TCF’s purpose is twofold.


First, it will provide education to financial planners in philanthropy that goes beyond tax efficient planning. This will equip and empower planners to then engage with their clients on how to effectively give to charity and how philanthropy can enrich their lives.


Secondly, as a DAF it will provide a platform for the profession to use that will provide a reassurance to clients that their philanthropy will be efficient, as TCF is a transparent and regulated giving platform which has a clear and easily understood cost structure.

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TCF has been created by financial planners as an education and facilitation tool for financial planners, to enable their clients to maximise the impact of their philanthropy.
Graeme Price AFPS B.A. Hons, Executive Chairman

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